The landlord's daughter lawsuit


Hello friends, my name is Asif and I am I coming takes a lot of fun reading sexy stories over the past many years and it consistently in.I read as many stories so far, that all I am feeling very good and I enjoyed reading them bigger.Friends one day I mind wondered why even do not have their first sex experience was my own true story you sing with all seekers?And therefore about his story today I have come to the people.Friends in this story I broke through to enjoy your landlord's daughter Chodkr her virgin pussy and I very happy with his seal and made a lot of fun.He has very good experience your best cool sex, which she will remember all my life, but the first to introduce myself to you'll get from people.I felony before the subsequent story.Boy am a good-looking blonde stocky body of 22-year-old friends and my length 6 is fit and my cock size of 5 inches and I'm interested in a lot of the same sex from childhood and this work I feel very good and I it comes great fun.Friends Let us now come to the story, it was two years ago was the matter, came in for further studies city near his village, because we did not have a college here and in a few days with her uncle being at home, but then I was not studying staying well out there that felt by staying there, so I took to rent a house for himself and went to live there, my thereRoom was on the top floor and the bottom floor remains my landlord too.Friends had Rasheed called my landlord and his only daughter, her name was Rabia, he was doing his studies in a good college, she uncle and aunt both were very good and they Wyhwar me laugh fondly talk way makes me feel better and got along very well in all those family members in a few days because of this and they also I had great understanding boy and therefore in their homeWas a frequent falls and so was my focus remains the same in their studies, so uncle and aunt had a lot of care, there was no shortage of anything to me because of them, so in consecutive studies in felt lives, I had nothing to do with work.Day every Sunday friends slept for a long time.That day was lying in his room that only Rabia daughter uncle whose name, she dresses up on the roof putting sun came I saw him the attention he has been very wet in the water, they are looking to do cool awesome was her figure size was about 36-32-38, but she was very attractive, which was being watched constantly by his astonished eyes and she wore no bra inside your clothes at that time, because of its white color the clothesIn her white boobs and nipples of his light brown was a certain look.Was far from enjoying seeing her boobs with your Llchai eye.Then his eyes suddenly went into me and he'll see sees me that her eyes swinging suspension was attractive boobs your hungry large size, it came in some tension in haste and went down.Then I give not mind telling the same thought in mind that somewhere else, so when she came back.Then I asked him to forgive his mistake, he said yes right, but now scarf on his head.Daily then was struck by Mut remember his figure.Then took one day suddenly uncle called me early in the morning and said Rabia you had to leave by moving your bike to the college, because puncture bike uncle today.Then I Rabia had been sitting behind his car.Then I realized that that I was looking at his strange eyes and was driving slowly because of fear bike.Then suddenly Rabia told me that it's getting late, you drive a little faster on his bike.And I dare to have told him that you will fall, you can catch me at all reliably.What did he grabbed me by the strength of his hand on me to say that because of boobs and raised his roly-poly were subordinated to my waist, took a run your car in much the same speed.Then he asked me what do you have a girlfriend?Suddenly the panicked question her this way and I told him that I do not have any girlfriends.Then he said that if you did not anywhere break and then I put the same time break, because now she has set her college and she is my hand went lolling away inside your college door and then came back home to uncle asked me if you had any problems?I said with a laugh them live and then in her lunch time taking his college, but still I had no brakes means without his car, he said thank you reached me at home and he went into his room went to go to my room began their studies.Then the same evening that I have had tea for my iPhone and now laughs told me that you train run by caring very well, so that my heart will take you to keep your driver.Friends her she heard things I mind thought that my way is now clear, and so I told him that yes, of course, I had no objections of any kind, I am always willing to remain as one of your driver, he Listening to me went away immediately down blushing.Then suddenly the same time saw peep me Uncle voiced and I down to the bottom that all those people were very tensed and felt fear and I heart thought maybe Rabia was definitely his mother, father about my antics things some have said, so he is calling me down with a voice louder so quickly, but after wandering down my fear uncle told me that it went to sudden death of his brother in the villageAnd so Uncle will go to their villages in a hurry and then uncle told me told to take care of the aunt and Rabia and do that transported them unto itself came down, so I yes them them to do the right thing and then went to leave your car Uncle to the station and by having had to come back when I'm in the evening time and fall time aunt stopped me headaches and bring sleeping pills marketLA and brought for them.Friends, I realized that this was too tensed, so Aunt consuming some pills to sleep after arriving at my house late went fast asleep.After Rabia and were able to talk a lot of sitting around on the roof while and then I realized that Rabia was at that time looking at me with his strange eyes.What I smiling asking him intended to kill?So he went to the bottom and yes there was laughing and then went down after him, and I saw go down that it was in his room and went to her room.She went me nervous all of a sudden seeing and she asked me how come you are here?I dare to have told him that today will be in your room here at night, because Uncle told me.He said that's why in my room you go into the other room?I also took your bed there today.Then I told him that if not you have Sounga here.He said that no one will see us.So I told her aunt had what I brought Medicine him sleep, she he had eaten, so he can no longer woke up tomorrow morning and so I stopped outside the door of his room.Then he heard my whole thing took me by smiling and I have only good chance to hold her hand immediately at the same time I took my arms to him without delay and put to him what in.First, they me it was a little bit shy at all, but then after a while I realized that it took him to enjoy it and he started supporting me and it was immediately understood by giving me except Lajsharm now has become my job.Then I rolled over, leaving him kiss kiss while delay not immediately beds and nearly twenty minutes to him constantly about what.Then I realized that it was now too hot and I went started pressing her boobs, which is why she was very shaken and he sticks me.Then I removed his shirt and his shirt at the right time I unloaded.After I freed I the imprisonment of both her those pigeons raise a bit of her bra and she began immediately jumping out and in front of me, she was very attractive and being there was crazy to see and now her boobs were pressed his hand.Then I told him it was very soft, very white felt touched that they like Rui perfectly round each nipple had now lifted upright and was licking her pussy with his other hand, he was all too red.Then I had much to do while not at the same time off even her bra and in her boobs were sucking in your mouth and I got so much fun and it is very excited to do it.He now was much too hot and only had a few too late fall after I realized that in the meantime he is now.Then I was put off your paint and unloaded even her salwar and worn looking surprised great he was surprised, because I saw that he did not Panty in salwar.And when I asked him what it ever have sex with anyone before? amateur teen porn He said that, in the hearing that he responded to mouth his heart as the heart was very happy that I have got a chance to fuck a virgin pussy and left very shocked her pussy, because she absolutely smooth bulging, erotic, large attractive, red and even hair on him, licking immediately stoop like crazy my tongue to her pussy, because she went mad and funny from her mouth aStrange little voices came out, Shiiiii Uffffff and she started to tell me that please Now you do something, the Ahhhh now or will die soon.Now my five-inch seeing his restlessness long cocks began to try to put in her mouth.Then refused me to do it.Then I took him explained he my cock her mouth and she started sucking him that was shed because about five minutes and I put all my semen drink it.I told him to bring oil bottle and she went back to get up and go to the oil bottle.Then out I thought about him that bottle on his cock and her pussy and then I felt touched that her pussy was unusual heart in tight was that my cock would be very hard very hard inside her pussy and more emphasis she screaming and shouting will be, so I shall be buried within her voice would tie cloth over her mouth, which led, but he refused.I said that you will look screaming and crying because of the pain will be trouble for us.Then he'll not get that out of your voice can tolerate the pain will take in, you do not have any concern on my part, but a bit slowly and to stop me to say.I said yes, then fine, you will rightly say, just like when I will stop say and then I put it down to her waist with a pillow, because of which went up above her pussy and she is due to rise some open even went and he mage so cute in her pussy in appearance was suddenly red tempted me to my sex.I crazy to be put on his cock mouth of her smooth pussy and looked inside slowly her pussy your cock, which began her pain due and she was dying from the pain, but it sounds from your mouth was not removed.Then I put in three inches of his cock in her pussy and stopped and she went down a bit after a while slowly putting out inside her pussy his cock.I felt that now it also be fun and be a little later, I emphasize a little bit, but my cock just could be an inch inside her pussy and she was suffering from pain and I have a strong and suck on her lips the push has been, resulting in full cock my full run in her pussy hitting and now I saw that came out blood from her pussy, because she went absolutely terrified and began to cry.Then I would have explained to him to stop the attack that every first sex and there is no fear or anxiety.He said yes right, but I now have a lot of pain and do this pain?I told him that it will be sometime after slowly fade.Then I slowly started moving his cock, she was a little quieter and also have fun with me and now he is giving me and giving him what and Shlata was slowly pushed her fuck her boobs having had.Then I realized that she went to fall in the meantime.Then after a while I raised the speed of your Dkko and was in him constantly Chodta and now voices of strange digested digested Fitch in the room.Then I had about 15 minutes until it Choada and still close to the loss, so I'm going to tell him that the loss now, so I pulled out my cock from her pussy and fired his entire semen mouth of her pussy and began to kiss her.Then I saw that she was very happy and we are lying like that.Then we both got up and went into the bathroom and we were both television and in the meantime was preparing for her sex once again, came to him with direct bedroom into his lap and kissing him caressing felt.Friends, my target was her ass, so put it to what once again to bring the passion and started caressing her boobs and she went too hot a few back late.Now I did it like Mare and put rubbers on his ass to his cock.Then he quickly got started asking me what are you doing this?So I said, now wants to kill your ass to him, so he can come to clear refuse to went alarmed to hear my talk and so to me, it's not saying much pain I can not do this, you let him place.Then I told him that you definitely hurts a little, but then he as before will be gradually reduced and then I hit put on him by explaining mouth of my cock in her ass and push slightly and they caused pain had to scream.Then I put my hand over her mouth and I pushed a strong, why was already in full cock in her ass my full, but she was no longer crying aloud like children out loud, he went dead Aiiiii now please get out of it you out, I do not want to work with you Ufffffff Ahhhhhh I am having a lot of pain, but why do not you listen, Uuiiiii out will go dead mother!May.Friends I have not heard him say anything and I explained made up her the attack without, but she had me very angry now.Then a few minutes later to put back to back and forth in her ass my cock and took him to a little fun, so she had told me a little bit faster and I've grown a little more before your speed on his say and I Choada by constantly push around his ass for ten minutes and this was beach was washed away once and then lay it up.Then we are lying to 5:00 closer morning such as arms sticking to each other together pm.And then went up some straight to the bathroom and went to sleep, go to another room and morning Rabia me 7:30 came to me and he said to me that the aunt also had up to now and now that you Breakfast has been speaking and he also started the round they say.Then I told him that it is the effect of pill gap sleep their last night, which is probably still is happening, and then I saw that Rabia was going on at the same time very strange style.Then I asked him what it all, why are you going there?He told me that you do not have much innocence in front of me, it can not be you because of that work and I have a lot of pain since last night, woke up because of me well, sitting, running is, you'll realize what you know and how much I regret hurting?Then I told him you do about it the aunt said?He said that I'm getting a little trouble lied to my mother that went sprained my foot, so I walk.Friends got me relax a little bit after hearing him that thing, or too much scared then.Then the up coming out of his room and I salute aunt.Then I asked him about the welfare of their health and aunt.The aunt told me that came to light mild dizziness.I told him that the effect of medicine that your sleep and you will be able to take time and relax all right.Now that I say went then went to bed and I took it in his arms, holding hands immediately Rabia saw the perfect opportunity to move them back toward pulling once he began to re-how in.In that day will she went to college and do not we both enjoyed very fun fun the whole day.Friends had fiercely fucking with my uncle back about a week later and meanwhile Rabia very fun 30 times around 25 and then I realized that Rabia because of my sex was very happy and satisfied, so he every time in my that sex with complete and we are engaged.He Chodkr comes I enjoyed it, so until there, I Rabia made Choada times with lots of fun from his wishes and we enjoyed both a lot.

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